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A series of articles on basic Bible subjects such as faith, works, love, hope and other widely acknowledged New Testament teachings.




The Bible, even though it was written over a period of 1500 years by forty different authors, contains symbolisms that generally represent the same things. Find out the meaning of things like the New Jerusalem, Babylon, Daniel's visions, and the Beast in Revelation and his number. 




A definitive look at the types and topics of Bible Prophecy.




If your looking for the undisputable proof that the United states of America was founded by people profoundly influenced by the Bible and its God, you will find it here.




Upon the shoulders of Jesus Christ this government is carried with no end to it's expansion nor an end to the growth of  peace. How this is accomplished and how this exists is evident in the Bible and throughout the history of mankind up to this present day.




Free downloads of Bible teachings for your own use or free distribution. You may store, transfer and burn as many copies as you like as long as you do not sell them. 


There are over a hundred chapters of Bible prophecy about a growing free world before the book of Daniel ever uttered a word of end time prophecy. A world in which kings and emperors, dictators and warlords, are being brought to nothing. A world in which there is no more legal slavery and the earthly promises of God made to a hundred generations of saints, unfulfilled in their time, could finally begin to come to pass. This simply could not occur in the ancient despotic world where the poor masses had little to no control of their temporal or even their eternal destinies. The prophecies you will read about in this book promised an era of conditional freedom and prosperity for many nations. They promise God’s people who live in these nations will be free from the fear of oppression, and that they will be able to raise their children as they see fit. They promise the nations and peoples most influenced by the Bible and its principles will be the dominant nations in the world, just as they have been for the last 500 years. None of this occurred when the Messiah came, or with the end of the first covenant age and the horrible destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. In fact, it got even worse for true believers after that. It certainly did not occur when European empires and kingdoms began to claim Christianity. This all began to occur in a specific year prophesied in Daniel and Revelation, and for a specific reason. The journey you take through “The Bible’s Prophecies about the Free World” is going to change your life and rock the world around you. Nothing will ever be the same. Order you copy of The Bible's Prophecy About The Free World today! Paperback, hardcover or e-book.

1st Corinthians 2:9.....no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him.








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