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As with all of the documents that articulate the idea's of those who came to North America from Europe one thing is clear; they believed themselves to be Christians. What they wrote and what they founded, they believed was the will of God as far as they understood the scriptures and the influence of heaven. So great was this inspiration that even those among them who were not believers accepted the principles found in the Word of God as the standard for human behavior, relationships and government. How utterly contrary this charter that remained the constitution of Rhode Island until 1843 is to what todays state run schools systems teach concerning the founding of the United States. In fact a criminal act being perpetrated on generations of young people and the American tax payer. Just as these young people come out of these schools systems funded by trillions of tax payer dollars uneducated or mis educated in basic math, reading and science. They come out of these schools and later on the universities believing the ideals this nation were founded on were humanistic, atheistic and socialist in nature. The only time Christianity is mentioned is in connection to slavery and other great evils that had always existed and were just then having the seed planted (by Christians) that would eventually do away with them. According to the official documents and writings of this nations founders the only ideals, the only religion and the only beliefs that founded this nation were Christian and Biblical in nature. Just think what it would mean for the larger part of the population of the world to realize that the freedom, morality, justice, equity that does exist in today's world has as its basis the Word of God and those who were influenced by it? Further that nothing like what so many enjoy today ever existed in the ancient world because they did not have that Word of God and those who were swayed by it? Do you think the western world would be electing the immoral power hungry socialists to offices of trust if they understood their freedoms came from the people of the Word? That spells out why today it is part of socialist political strategy to obscure just where the freedom and justice that does exist in the world today came from.


Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663

.....and the rest of the purchasers and free inhabitants of our island, called Rhode Island, and the rest of the colony of Providence Plantations, in the Narragansett Bay, in New England, in America, that they, pursuing, with peaceable and loyal minds, their sober, serious, and religious intentions, of godly edifying themselves, and one another, in the holy Christian faith and worship, as they were persuaded; together with the gaining over and conversion of the poor ignorant Indian natives, in those parts of America, to the sincere profession and obedience of the same faith and worship......, 

.......And whereas, in their humble address, they have freely declared, that it is much on their hearts (if they may be permitted) to hold forth a lively experiment, that a most flourishing civil state may stand and best be maintained, and that among our English subjects, with a full liberty in religious concernments and that true piety rightly grounded upon gospel principles, will give the best and greatest security to sovereignty, and will lay in the hearts of men the strongest obligations to true loyalty. Now, know ye, that we, being willing to encourage the hopeful undertaking of our said loyal and loving subjects, and to secure them in the free exercise and enjoyment of all their civil and religious rights, appertaining to them, as our loving subjects and to preserve unto them that liberty, in the true Christian faith and worship of God, which they have sought with so much travail, and with peaceable minds, and loyal subjection to our royal progenitors and ourselves, to enjoy; and because some of the people and inhabitants of the same colony cannot, in their private opinions, conform to the public exercise of religion, according to the liturgy, forms and ceremonies of the Church of England, or take or subscribe the oaths and articles made and established in that behalf; and for that the same, by reason of the remote distances of those places, will (as we hope) be no breach of the unity and uniformity established in this nation: Have therefore thought fit, and do hereby publish, grant, ordain and declare, that our royal will and pleasure is, that no person within the said colony, at any time hereafter shall be any wise molested, punished, disquieted, or called in question, for any differences in opinion in matters of religion, and do not actually disturb the civil peace of our said colony; but that all and every person and persons may, from time to time, and at all times hereafter, freely and fully have and enjoy his and their own judgments and consciences, in matters of religious concernments, throughout the tract of land hereafter mentioned, they behaving themselves peaceably and quietly, and not using this liberty to licentiousness and profaneness, nor to the civil injury or outward disturbance of others, any law, statute, or clause therein contained, or to be contained, usage or custom of this realm, to the contrary hereof, in any wise notwithstanding......

 .....And that they may be in the better capacity to defend themselves, in their just rights and liberties, against all the enemies of the Christian faith, and others, in all respects, we have further thought fit, and at the humble petition of the persons aforesaid are graciously pleased to declare, That they shall have and enjoy the benefit of our late act of indemnity and free pardon, as the rest of our subjects in other our dominions and territories have; and to create and make them a body politic or corporate, with the powers and privileges hereinafter mentioned......

 .....and particularly that which relates to the making of purchases of the native Indians, as to them shall seem meet; whereby our said people and inhabitants in the said Plantations, may be so religiously, peaceably and civilly governed, as that by their good life and orderly conversation, they may win and invite the native Indians of the country to the knowledge and obedience of the only true God and Savior of mankind.......


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The 1663 Charter and original Constitution of Rhode Island

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