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     The soft dates start during the reign of Justinian who was the Roman emperor from 527 -565 A.D.  They also directly correspond to the final (seventh) judgment and the third woe. They are then completed by the date that occurs 1260 years later. Please keep in mind that these dates are surrounded by propaganda and bias on all sides.

     If this article is accurate concerning the seven trumpets and vials being empire wide but culminating with the destruction of the western branch of the empire. If the seventh judgment is the world wide calamity that began in 535 A.D. and ended in 546 A.D. If the third woe is Rome being conquered by the Ostrogoth's and depopulated in 546 A.D. These dates may be be looked upon as the beginning of a corresponding 1260 year time period.

     Justinian launched a campaign to win back the territory of the western part of the empire. Although his armies conquered much of it, by the time of the end of his reign and shortly afterwards the territories were lost once more. A part the empire was able to hold on to as regards to this article was central Italy which includes the city of Rome. In 533 A.D. Justinian published his Codes, books writting into permanent law past Roman imperial decree's . This was the first time this was done. Part of this code concerned the establishment of an official imperial church. It's head was to reside in Rome. Imperial decrees of the past had said as much but now it was written into permanent law. The penalty of death was very broadly written into these laws applying to any teachings or actions contrary to this  "universal" imperial religion. In 538 A.D. Justinian's head pontiff was installed militarily in Rome. In 546 A.D, Rome was again conquered by the Ostrogoth's then depopulated.  It was not until 554-556 A.D. that Justinian was able to re-conquer this part of Italy and have a new head pontiff of his choice elected. This is the beginning of papal authority that was a critical part of the establishment of what became to be known as the Holy Roman Empire. As it were a "revived western Roman Empire." If you add 1260 years to these first three dates you come up with a corresponding event.

     The decree's that made the bishop of Rome the head of the imperial church were codified in 533 A.D. If you add 1260 years to this you come up with the year 1793. The year that France, an ardent supporter of the Roman Catholic Church, in a  revolutionary decree by the French Convention abolished Justinian's decree. If you add 1260 years to the date Justinian military installed the head pontiff or pope you get 1798. That was the year the Napoleon conquered Italy, declared it a republic and imprisoned the pope in France where he died.  If you add 1260 years to the end of the final judgment and the last woe in 546 A.D. You come up with 1806 A.D. The year the final Holy Roman Emperor abdicated,  forever ending this "revived Roman Empire." Those are the soft dates.

     In the twentieth century the western world was inundated with pop culture prophecy teachings that center on the end of the world being heralded by a "revived" Roman Empire. Movies were made, millions of books were sold. All had slight variations but all had as a center piece a revived Roman Empire. Whatever group of European nations that were making the news of the day were to be this revived empire. The churches were burdened with these teachings for almost a century. Needless to say, they were 100% wrong 100% of the time. With the advent of the twenty-first century "revived" Roman Empire speculations were being abandoned wholesale by the new pop culture teachers. What possessed these teachers to embrace such teachings? Well obviously ignorance which every wind of doctrine is able to manipulate.  But also assumptions based on erroneous understandings regarding other prophecy related teachings like making the many comings of Christ and days of the Lord articulated in scripture a one time future event  they call a "second" coming. Making the kingdom of God something imposed by force on the earth by direct miraculous or angelic imposition.  Projecting the judgments and the end of past age disasters into todays news stories.  Taking clearly apostolically declared prophecies about the Great Gospel Age and applying them to the modern nation of Israel. With these errors all that remained to be fulfilled was the Roman Empire coming back to life. This caused a general blindness to the fact that if a  a revived Roman Empire is the beast that was and is not and yet is. Then the revived western branch Roman Empire that started in 800 under Charlemagne that ended in 1806 with the abdication of emperor Francis II was it. It certainly seemed to fulfill many prophecies. It was, it was not and yet it was once more. The peoples of Europe suffered mightily under it. They certainly considered it thus and the empire itself considered itself a revived western empire.

     The peoples of Europe, the Protestant nations were the main propagators of the soft date theories after 1453 A.D. And why not? They were the next targets of a long string of inquisitions that would result sometimes in the annihilation of half their populations. However the attempt of this revived Roman Empire to crush them began to fail after 1453 A.D. The one thing they had going for them that the peoples and nations before them did not have was far greater light. The new printing presses among other things were the main factor in this. Another thing they had going for them that perhaps they were not aware of was Bible Prophecy. That the Bible declared that after the fall of the Roman Empire in 1453 A.D. the rock that struck the empire would became a great mountain and fill the whole earth. God knew all of this before hand and he spoke it thousands of years before it happened. This same God did not bring his word to pass miraculously earlier. Why? Well, as an example: He himself works within confines that he imposes on himself due to his wisdom. He wants the best results possible as love is his motive. The wisdom he possess needed the use of these new printing presses just like he needed the new world. It's called providence. He was working miraculously before the fall of the empire and continued to afterwards. So in that sense God knew and prophesied that the events of the 15th century would start to bring forth a degree of justice and liberty in a small handful of small nations because of the  preaching and teaching of the Gospel. Justice and liberty that would eventually abolish kings and slavery and bring life and liberty. This is the rock that grew that eventually will become a mountain that actually does fill the whole earth.

      The  folly of the twentieth century end time prophecy teachings that the vast majority of Gods saints received caused the abandonment of a long term vision. Whereas in previous centuries Christians for the most part believed and worked for the betterment of the world. They created the nations, freedoms and prosperity we now tenuously hold on to.  The generations of the twentieth century  accepted a doctrine that stated the world will, and is, getting worse and worse. We will lose the freedoms we have, the Bible prophesies this and the Roman empire will once more rule the world. Christ will come during or after all of this. Naturally this led to the abandonment of responsibilities, institutions, and nations to those who are driven by a spirit of anti Christ. The "City on the Hill," that many generations made tremendous progress laboring to build was forsaken. This was now to come after the second coming of Christ by his miraculous power. Saints have no part in it except to live there. So why fight the powers that want to rule over the world now for something that is unattainable? Thus, (aided by this,) the twentieth century faced some of the bloodiest wars and evil wanna be empires the world has ever seen. On the positive side. The churches focused on winning as many people to Christ in the shortest time period possible. In the twenty first century this has resulted in multitudes, over one hundred thousand people a day coming to Christ. Imagine what these millions and millions could accomplish in Christ if their vision was the vision once held dear by our forefathers. That is in essence the aim of this article and web page as a whole.

     That is why this article ascribes the revised western empire, the "Holy"Roman Empire to this scripture: Daniel 7:12. As concerning the rest of the animals, they had their empires taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time. This evil that animated these empires still exists for a "time and a season." after the destruction of the four empires. Even after the Roman Empire fell in 1453 the evil still existed in this western revived empire. It was however brought to it's knee's. Most of the world is still under this type evil, and we hold on to the nations not under this evil very tenuously. The western worlds Christians forsook their roles in human government due to lack of motivation brought on by these erroneous Bible prophecy teachings. How long is this "time and a season?" Only God knows and it should be of no concern whatsoever to anyone. Just as he used natural things such as the printing press to begin to bring major Bible Prophecy to pass. He will not work in this world without his people embracing this word by faith. He will guide, work with and be for a people of faith. The fight really begins in earnest at that point. Who can know the cost but God. It has nothing to do with something just coming to pass before our eye's. It has everything to do with one generation paying it's price and handing the batten to the next. A future generation will enjoy the fruit of the work of the previous generations and their work will hopefully be much easier. Just like our generations work is much easier than those who proceeded us.

     The folly of the twenty first century pop-culture teachings center on radical Islam and the modern nation of Israel. The Islamic nations are the new new powers that will bring about the end. The City of God will be literally built in Israel after it is destroyed or nearly destroyed. This of course with many variations amongst many teachers. This doesn't even pretend to acknowledge the previous generations clear understanding that despite all of the error  the Roman Empire proceeds the kingdom of God's manifestation and not some Islamic caliphate. What the peoples of the not so free world are being oppressed under is Daniel 7: As concerning the rest of the animals, they had their empires taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time. This is not the new kingdom of the "anti Christ."  A whole centuries worth of Bible teachers and teachings proven so utterly bankrupt  has not seemed to persuade a new centuries teachers to not follow the same path. At least the last centuries teachers acknowledged the Bibles own declarations naming these four empires. They erred in things that were a little more complex. These new teachings don't even do that. Will you dear readers bow the knee to an evil that prevails in the Muslim world that is but a shadow of it's former self and was easily conquered by very tiny western armies? Will you say they are somehow greater foes than the many formidable foes the free world has faced in the past? Are you not aware that the real reason behind radical Islam is that 10,000 Muslims a day are coming to Christ? If history has any bearing on the future then this number will continually grow. Those who rule over and oppress a billion Muslims worldwide see that their days are numbered. Just as Satan sees his time is short. You say the "people are for the radicals." They have known nothing else, that is what slavery produces, that is the design of terrorism, to get the submission and eventually the support of those terrorized. Christ came to set those captive's free and set them free he will despite the pronouncements of these new teachings to  the contrary. May take a century may take 30 years. A real prophet might know but how can they  be real when they parrot these degrading end time teachings. It is the ruin of modern day prophets who otherwise might be useful to Gods people.

© 2012 Daniel Martinovich