End Time
Prophecy Article

     The fundamental difference between Roman Catholic's of Old verses Roman Catholics of today is simply this: Today generally speaking; Roman Catholic's hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was just a half a century ago that Catholics were officially allowed to hold their services in the native language of the congregations. Before this their services were held in Latin. A language a miniscule amount of Roman Catholics understood. Furthermore in the last fifty years the Gospel of Christ has flooded the airwaves of almost the entire planet. Obviously this has had a dramatic affect on the nature of Roman Catholicism and all the other national and international Catholicism's for that matter. Not only have untold millions accepted Christ but even those who have not have had their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs dramatically changed. On one side of the coin one can still hold very negative opinions of this institution. After all this imperial "church" was the creation of the very spirit of the Anti-Christ. A tool of the false prophet and the beast of Revelation to oppose the Gospel of Christ and the Government of God. It has the blood of millions of the saints of God on it's hands and millions of other innocents who were not believers. However this empire that Satan constructed and lived through no longer exists. So on the flip side of this coin we have some very good news, great news as a matter of fact. That mountain of God that is filling the whole earth is even filling the Roman Catholic church itself!! Not in the sense that the institution itself is of God or even what could it be called an intelligent branch of the Gods church. No not at all! In this sense though:  Millions of Roman Catholics are coming to Christ and will continue to do so. Furthermore who knows how many tens of thousands of these view the institution as their mission field and have used that institution for that purpose. Beyond even this though, this whole scenario  mirrors the effects of the Government of God and the Gospel has in the world in general. That in principle, although the institution has not rejected all its falsehood and confessed its true roots. It has changed so much that people generally be look upon it as a force for good in the world rather than evil. Something that many a time is allied with believers when it comes to the principles of the law and Gospel of God as it relates to human government and culture. This is exactly the design of the government of God in the earth. Not everyone will truly put their trust in God and accept his grace. Yet so many of those non believers will be so influenced by the lives and teachings of Christians that they will accept and promote Judeo-Christian principles as the standard for human culture and government. This can certainly be seen among conservative Roman Catholics in general and even to some degrees in the institution itself. In fact there is a culture war inside this institution itself between those forces who ally themselves with believers in general and the forces who ally themselves with the spirit of antichrist so prevalent in liberal\democrat politics.
     This is by no means covers the authors opinion on the entire subject. It is just to point out present day reality that didn't exist even one hundred years ago.

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