If you have read allot of things on Wordservice.org You might notice that there has been almost no personal testimony of the things I have experienced by the grace of God. This is on purpose to keep the readers attention focused on what is being written about; the truth as best as I can ascertain it and the author of all truth, Jesus. This testimony is being put here to try to encourage those who have little hope of God really turning around the circumstances we find ourselves in regards to the darkness in our churches about the times and the seasons of Bible prophecy. It is not that this just in and of itself would be such a great concern if this darkness didn't create such dire consequences. Those consequences being Gods people not only being ill equipped for the battles against evil that lay ahead but also the embracing to what amounts to false prophecy regarding the future. False prophecy not only designed by Satan so that Gods  people put their faith in the opposite of what God says in his Word, but also to keep them from their duties to God and their neighbor.  In this case those duties are to found and maintain nations on Biblical principle. Many hundreds of millions don't even believe this is possible. It is a perversion of scripture on such a massive scale as to be sort of unprecedented in human history Unprecedented for this reason. In the past these types of anti-scriptural viewpoints held by most of the people were due to the fact they didn't have access to Bibles themselves. What makes this so different is that the large majority, most certainly the popular majority have their own Bibles.  What we see today was certainly not the case even a hundred years ago. It seems this came with the rise of the anti-Christ socialists as a political movement at the beginning of the 20th century.  A group that uses Christian lingo and purposely perverted Christian principles to deceive and manipulate the peoples into granting them power and offices of trust. This testimony is about what I believe is Gods plan to turn this around by first bringing his saints back into the truth regarding God's plan and purpose for the earth and the future.

     It was 1988. My wife and I had moved back to the city and church we had first met in. The very first night we were there, laying on blankets in our friends living room floor going to bed for the night. An angel of the Lord walked into the room. Not visibly, we only new he was there because of our past experiences in this and because what began to happen. He began to open the scripture in the book of Revelation to our minds. Not by showing us how it relates to present circumstances as you would see in a million different teaching sites and You-tube videos claiming supernatural visitations by angelic beings telling them how the "end times" are about to be fulfilled. No, quite the opposite. He just began comparing scripture to other scripture and showing us where the scripture interprets its own prophecies. God basically downloaded the entire subject of Bible prophecy into our spirits that night. Everything you see on this site is due to this. It did take many years to intellectually developed along those lines, to discover many things that many already knew and had written about but also very many the things nobody to my knowledge has out down on paper.  Mind you, this was done to us without our permission. It was not something we sought, or even considered relevant. It wasn't something we were talking about and was not a subject we had any interest in whatsoever. In choosing to do this God choose us to do allot of suffering for his names sake. We all think we want to please the Lord and suffer for his sake until the real suffering starts, then we sing a different tune I am afraid.  I did not comprehend the reason for the freaky and abnormal persecutions that we were being subjected to by my own brothers and sisters in the Lord before any of this ever happened. It wasn't until decades later that I realized that somehow Satan knew that God was going to send us down this path and that the demonic world would attempt to thwart the whole enterprise before it even began.  An enterprise God indeed implimented to turn this whole deception about this age being the "end time" age. He will use his Word,  the truth, to turn the peoples from falsehood regarding the future and their duties about it.  So, without our knowledge, we were chosen to play a pivotal role in this but as you will see, not the only role.

     I can't say that I remember the dates of the following occurrences. I did not become a Christian until I was 22 years old. The only America I knew was a secular one. I even took college classes on American history and never heard a thing about it's Christian founding. I am afraid this was the story for almost my entire public school educated generation. We were purposely led astray on the matter by that radical minority who has a strangle hold on public education in the USA.  One might be able to comprehend the struggle I faced then as I tried to preach and teach what God's will was for the nations to a people who knew no more than me, nothing, about God thus far in transforming the nations we already lived in. I was literally preaching to them something as far as they and I knew had never happened before in the world. Although now in 2015 it seems kind of ridiculous that the vast majority of Christians for a generation or two never knew about the Christian founding of America but that is the way it was in all my circles in the late 1980's. When I tried to articulate what God desired and what God planned for the nations, that they be founded on Biblical principle, they looked at me as though I was from a different planet, from mars. There was nothing in their knowledge base or mine with which to attach this to other than what to me was pretty clear Bible prophecy. It was then though, in the beginning of the nineties that books about the founding of America began to flood into the churches. I cannot relate to you how this affected me personally. I spent many a day weeping about what the grace and power of God had revealed to me in scripture had already been done in a practical manner with the founding of the USA and other nations. Further, that past generations actually had a much better grasp of Bible prophecy than ours.

     This is the work of God in the earth that I am trying to  point out to you and encourage you with. None of this is by accident. In a mere twenty years this nation went from most churches and the vast majority of the nations people being ignorant about our nations history to a nation being filled with the knowledge of its founding. We went from a nation with names, dates and all the details filled in by lying secular humanists to a nation that knows more than the nations teachers. At this point the entire conservative movement, the Christians and non Christians are busying themselves about crushing the lies our schools and university systems are have used for a half century to manipulate the ignorant and therefore gullible.  The next step, (I believe) is the spirit of wisdom and revelation from the scripture about the duty of believers and the will of God to found and maintain nations in Biblical principle. That this is what the Bible prophesies for this age and beyond. Once this breaks into the walls of the churches and breaks out into the general population. Once it is not longer popular but considered a shame and a sham to take the end times scriptures of the last two ages and insert them into this age.  Once the conservative movement, the Christians and non Christians who believe we are to order our lives and nation on Biblical principle throw off the spirit of this world that sees an apocalyptic godless future and accepts the Bible's promises\prophecies about a Godly world through the Gospel. Then we are talking nation transforming revolution! You don't believe we can have the Bible back in our schools as the foundation upon which we build our civilization? We already have a large majority of Americans, citizens on all sides of the political spectrum who want school choice.  That is the future and it exists and is growing because people want Biblical principle back in their children's schooling. What about the vast homeschooling movement? Same thing. The problem for the forces of anti-Christ is that they cannot stop these things simply because people won't put up with it. Americans have been yielding their divine rights to power and not to the "law."  Therefore once they realize they actually have the power to take their rights back, they will. This whole "progressive" house of cards will come tumbling to the ground. This is a big deal. I wish it was something I could just make you perceive but God in his time will bring the perception. That time is soon.

     Hopefully, if you have been a Christian for along time you can look back and see what God has wrought so far which gives you some experience to see that my words might have some validity. Regardless most of the website is designed to point you to what God has already wrought in the earth as his Word predicted and promised. That is where real mountain moving faith comes from, his Word. I would also like to point out your responsibility, if you clearly see the truth that is being presented, to propagate that truth that will set people and their nations free. Further, to withhold your support from the ministries who major in preaching the pop culture end times teachings so popular on the airwaves. Not to say most of those ministries are under judgment at this time, I do not believe they are. For now we are just reaping what we are sowing as exemplified by a radical minority of leftist dominating our political institutions. When the truth starts getting out there by the manifold grace of God though, and to the extent it does, is the extent to which God will start judging those who resist it, be they Christians or not. I have some compassion, actually God has compassion towards those  pastors and others with inspiration who may be reading this and wondering how they can incorporate this into their teachings. I wish I could say there would be no suffering involved for those who are pioneers in an area of  life or a nation where darkness has been prevailing. Consider using this site as a resource to take some heat off yourself, especially as you will not be as versed and as sure of your faith in this area as I am, having walked in this for decades. Secondly please consider supporting this ministry with your prayers and material support. Although I haven't been preaching in churches as of late I sincerely desire to. To have me come teach at your church may take more prayer and seeking God than you think worth it at this time as this is really an issue of breakthrough. However, the future may bring about allot of change in that area and I may be to busy to preach at your church. That is the dilemma. Have someone come now who isn't well known and who's message may be quite radical, taking a chance really. Or, try to get that person to come when they are well known and there is revival around the truth being presented who now has to pick and choose which churches to go to based on time factors. Regardless, please pray for my family and I.


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