The goal with these rules listed below is to not hinder the Word of God's prosperity and growth in the earth by claiming full copyright protection.  Jesus said, "Freely you have received, so freely give."



1.   As an individual or organization, make as many copies of this material as you like, to distribute and use as FREE Christian literature, and electronic media.
2.  Copy whole pages and articles to your website or discussion board as long as there is an obvious link back to ©WORDSERVICE.ORG.
3.  Historical documents over a certain age such as the original State Constitutions are not copyrighted. You are free to copy anything of that nature and do what you will with it. The more things like that are available to the general population the better.


YOU MAY NOT..... outside of U.S.A. fair use law.

1.   Copy any of this material for the purpose of sale, in any form.  (With the exception of the historical documents and their individual parts.)
2.   Use this material to solicit donations, or to offer as a gift for a donation, without the express permission of the owner.  
3.   Copy this material in any form, including websites or other electronic media, with changes made to the contents of a page.
4.   Copy this material to a website, CD's, or other electronic media without an obvious link back to ©WORDSERVICE.ORG on the page that you copy it to.
5.  Copy this material and change the links, or the destination of links, on any electronic media, which includes websites and CD's.

Any help in the distribution of this material electronically or other would be greatly appreciated. 

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