Annual financial disclosure 2010



Dear Friends,

We want to thank everyone for your support last year. This is the annual financial statement for Daniel Martinovich Ministries for the  year 2010.  We are disclosing this information publicly and will continue to do so yearly to provide some transparency as to what your hard earned dollars are being used for. Currently all labor associated with these expenditures is voluntary and when that changes it will be listed separately.

Thanks Again, we love you all.

Dan & Becky 


Year 2010

Total Donations            $1513.55

Total Outflows             $2525.52

Outflow Breakdown 

                               Direct Mission Work                                       $ -0-

                               Charitable and Missions Donations                 $ 2000.00

                               Office Supplies and Expenses                         $ 58.31

                               Banking Fees                                                  $ 61.97

                               Facilities Rental                                               $300.00

                               Website Hosting                                               $105.24


                               Total Outflows                                                $2525.52

Assets (cash)  1/1/2010                            $1108.79

Assets (cash)   12/31/2010                      $    96.82

Assets (Office Equipment) 12/31/2010    $  880.96


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